Helpul things to do for Depression and Anxiety


Sit or walk in nature - and really notice and name what you see - the colours, sounds and the sensations you feel e.g. the warmth, the breeze, the earth underneath you, your breath going in and out.  Name 6 colours, 6 sounds, 6 sensations and notice how this brings you back to the present.


Breathe ......a slightly deeper breath, and a longer exhale.  Do this 3 times.


Smile - Imagine the sky smiling, your cells smiling, your eyes smiling, an animal you are fond of smiling - let the energy of a smile fill your being.


Is a critical inner voice constantly at you?

Breathe in a breath of KINDNESS for yourself, and then a SOFT, gentle breath. Inhale and exhale in this gentle way, perhaps with a hand on your heart, and you will soon notice a difference.


Are there some kind words you can find for yourself?  If your favourite animal could speak to you right now, what would it say to you from it's loving heart?


Check out the 'Beyond Blue' website for more helpful hints.


Download the free APP 'Insight Timer' and listen the wonderful meditations on it.


Move your body - how does your body want to move now?...Follow that .....stretching, walking, dancing, slow, or fast.....find how your body wants to move now and notice the difference after following your body for five minutes.


Go Gently.......soften your eyes...melt your shoulders...breathe...



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